10Ks, 11Ks, Launching, Soaring and 20 Crypto Jokes

This week, the Cryptoverse saw BTC finally going over USD 10,000, and hitting USD 11,000 along the way, while BTC mining difficulty dropped. Also, XRP soared, LEND jumped, Solana rallied as FTX used its blockchain a basis for a new ecosystem project, Maker became the first DeFi protocol to reach USD 1 billion in total value locked, and there was talk again of litecoin leading bitcoin. Ethereum started training ETH 2.0 validators, and Augur launched its second iteration. And then we learned Ledger suffered a data breach.

In other crypto news: Philippines central bank may decide on CBDC issuance soon, the Fed sent a message to BTC holders too, four major South Korean banks will contribute to a blockchain-powered DeFi solution for foreign currency exchange rates, and SBI Holdings unveiled a digital tokens issuance platform on the Corda blockchain. Meanwhile, controversial Zeus Capital was hard at work trying to short LINK, while Chinese police arrested 27 suspects in the PlusToken scam. BTC.TOP’s B.TOP started offering "joint mining", and following major losses, Tetras Capital reportedly closed its doors.

Let’s laugh at some jokes now.


Let’s first see what Crypto Twitter is discussing today.


Now, let’s check up on bitcoin.

#bitcoin right now from r/Bitcoin


It wasn’t easy, there were some obstacles, some bumps, took some hits along the way, but hey, 11K!

Eleven from r/Bitcoin


And we have an exclusive footage.

BTC vs alts from r/CryptoCurrency


Some are now waiting for that very large dip.

Bitcoin Bears Waiting for $2000 from r/Bitcoin


Not to be greedy, but another pump sounds good.

I don’t think he knows about second pump… from r/Bitcoin


Not everybody can hodle.

Bitcoiners are so lucky ! from r/Bitcoin


But here’s a tutorial.

#Bitcoin #hodl during the #bullrun from r/Bitcoin


Also, not everybody can do trades. Or letters.


Hmmmm, and now I’m worried that there’s nothing after 11,000….

Bitcoin goes to 11!!! pic.twitter.com/zFUFHEycp2

— The Bitcoin Rabbi (@thebitcoinrabbi) July 27, 2020


For many of us, this is just the standard.


On the loss height scale, this is Snoop level.


Wonder how many times he ‘explained’ this one to people….


And everybody knew when Justin was in town.

Justin Sun in his pre-crypto years showing off his Lamborghini? pic.twitter.com/fJkbjJErBE

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) July 30, 2020


Here’s a very relevant classic.

Sure it’s a repost… but it’s still relevant on days like today. from r/Bitcoin


One thing collapsing, another rising – when you just reeeaaally need to say something about it.


But then they do this.


While you’re at it, close your eyes, raise your head, and say one long and loud ‘ooooooooof’ for the fallen.

Imagine having panic sold in mid March… pic.twitter.com/ZPwH8lgzxu

— BTC Sessions ? (@BTCsessions) July 27, 2020


Here’s your well-deserved weekend crypto movie.


Now go and play outside.

Here is Me Saying Bit Coin pic.twitter.com/tmshIMsncL

— Frankie MacDonald (@frankiemacd) July 28, 2020

Source: cryptonews.com

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