A Whole Lot of DeFi and 20 Crypto Jokes

In DeFi news: the DeFi boom may be prompting the growth of a BTC-ETH bridge, a new item was served on the DeFi table – SushiSwap, Mike Novogratz said that the DeFi frenzy proves the power of bitcoin and warned of a possible correction, and after criticizing yield farming again, Vitalik Buterin revealed his vision for a new DeFi project. Also, according to Craig Wright, DeFi, Chainlink, DEXs, and stablecoins, are all a scam.

In rest of the market news: Bitcoin upped its dominance, altcoins went red, major DeFi tokens included, while ETC suffered its third 51% attack in a month. Tron soared as the genesis mining of the new SUN tokens was confirmed, and it kept rallying with JustSwap’s arguable change in trading volume numbers. Unsurprisingly Ethereum gas fees went up again to an all-time high – and then it doubled. Speaking of ETH, a researcher warned that a market for it might get significantly tighter.

In rest of the news: Bithumb was found partially liable for the 2017 data leak but absolved of blame in two larger claims, and then it came out that its headquarters were being searched. Hacking of PM Modi happened at a really bad time for Indian crypto industry, the Russian Ministry of Finance wants to ban crypto miners from receiving token rewards, South Africa might impose tighter crypto tax rules, and we learned that North Korea’s stolen bitcoin loot move is ‘just a tip of the iceberg’.

And here are your well-deserved jokes.

Morning, Crypto Twitter!

Welcome to crypto twitter @stoolpresidente pic.twitter.com/WgDbj4Xr7A

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) August 26, 2020


What have you been up to this week, CT?

🤷‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/7WKPpaGGoQ

— Wilson (@cryptowilson) September 2, 2020


An honest observer watching an honest farmer get rekt.


It’s hard work. So much money to maybe gain and definitely lose.

Fact: a young owl sleeps like a DeFi degen who had been up for days pic.twitter.com/vuAExdRL74

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) August 30, 2020


Even getting there is hard work.

Dragging yourself and your followers into an Uniswap scam like pic.twitter.com/eZKnJ7k1YC

— The Crypto Monk ⛩ (@thecryptomonk) August 22, 2020



Defi Gems : Before and After Uniswap Listing pic.twitter.com/T4Xj0VEOcj

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) August 19, 2020



When people ask me to explain #DeFi pic.twitter.com/rkZmg07RZO

— Washington Sanchez (@drwasho) September 2, 2020


Ever wondered what is DeFi leading to?

Is this the beginning of something great called saltseason?

— target (@newATH_) September 3, 2020


Ready to see it for the first time again.

Memories erased just like that💥 pic.twitter.com/fNdPotJf0C

— RD ₿TC.hodl (@RD_btc) August 20, 2020


Just when you think you had it…

me on uniswap pic.twitter.com/cXVYDFDISj

— Young Tilopa (@youngtilopa) August 13, 2020



When your bags are beyond underwater but you gotta keep positive pic.twitter.com/pGemEhmHlr

— Teddy (@TeddyCleps) August 30, 2020


A case for paying attention.

Twitter traders when they chase Green candles! Please take the time to learn HOW to trade before you get rekt. pic.twitter.com/jOD0xsav18

— Bleeding Crypto (@Bleeding_Crypto) August 10, 2020


Let’s not neglect BTC. To the moon, just not back please.

To the moon! from r/CryptoCurrency


Some Lightning DeFi coming soon, bro. Plz bro.

Bro plz pic.twitter.com/B3ZVKqOvPe

— Tom Shaughnessy 🏰 (@Shaughnessy119) September 2, 2020


It’s ‘explain it in your own words’ type of thing.


Let’s turn to ETH now and see what’s been happening there.

Day 891 on Ethereum Island.

Gas costs $25 for a transfer. Can't afford food anymore, so we imagine eating food-themed tokens.

Lost 50lbs since the bull started but gained 50 frens. We meet on DegenSpartan's tl for his daily bread line but today he was afk so we'll sleep hungry.

— Eva Beylin (@evabeylin) August 31, 2020


Expecting L2 solutions. A thing since men wore top hats.

Layer-two solutions my good men. from r/CryptoCurrency


But one can argue about calculating it all one wants.


— PUBLORD.HODL ☣ (@guydbennett) August 29, 2020


And a bit of XRP for the end.


And your weekend crypto movie. Enjoy!

Not bad! pic.twitter.com/0QY6OgOHic

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino) August 30, 2020

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