Happy Halving, Indecisive 9K and 20 Crypto Jokes

And Satoshi said let there be halving, and the halving was good. Leading to it, BTC dropped, erasing its weekly gains, with altcoins bleeding too, then returning above 9,000 yet again. We looked into how BTC changed since the last halving in 2016, and CME Group revealed why this halving is different, while rain, government, and BTC bulls are to help Chinese miners post-halving. Then the halving happened. The first days post-halving brought a number of surprising results and surprising fees. Some miners flocked to BCH and BSV, and 60% of BTC buyers on Coinbase are going into altcoins.

Meanwhile, ETH 2.0 is on track without deadlines, and Reddit picked Ethereum for its new points, leaving some people happy and others not as much. Furthermore, Litecoin became an unlikely altcoin champion for hedge funds as they continue to diversify, and Kraken’s CLO said there’s still a non-trivial chance for governments to try banning BTC. Paul Tudor Jones confirmed his fund allocated hundreds of millions in USD to Bitcoin, ErisX started offering regulated futures contracts with ETH as the underlying asset, Monex Group CEO told investors to buy BTC, JPMorgan welcomed Gemini and Coinbase as its first crypto clients, and three blockchain-powered unlisted stock trading platforms are set for launch in South Korea next year. A survey showed that education and honesty could help BTC go maintream, and Delphi Digital found that non-sovereign "safe haven" assets, such as BTC and gold, will rise considerably.

Happy Halving, Cryptoverse. Let’s continue into the next epoch! And here are some well-deserved jokes for you.


No, it’s about USD 10K now.

Bitcoin these days from r/Bitcoin


Should we pull out some classic memes, then?


Here’s another valid question with a correct answer.


— Rebel2TheGrain (@oilpro123) May 11, 2020


And then – it happened.


And the traders rejoiced.


And just like that.


And like that.


Go Paul!

Amazing video of Wall Street legend Paul Tudor Jones getting his teeth cleaned before countertrading Peter Schiff https://t.co/r55G1zd8X7

— Matthew Graham (@mattysino)


Go away, IRS!

we’re gonna print $5 trillion this year, and the IRS is still going to audit you because they can’t figure out your… https://t.co/mv63HWYXDW

— Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot)


Satoshi made BTC. Long story short, I’m gonna have a lambo.

The community today from r/Bitcoin


Somebody even left us some messages. Here’s one.

Found in block 630,001 https://t.co/1UG0J3qxxz pic.twitter.com/VDA8MPCg7j

— nic carter (@nic__carter) May 12, 2020


Then the halving passed, and the world continued on its way.


Some stick to the oft-discussed nothing burger scenario.


Others are wondering what to do.

Thinking if I should sell, I asked for a sign…and I got one from r/Bitcoin


And some already know what to do.

@LomahCrypto Buy the selling of the buying of the selling of the news.

— Porky (@proofofpork)


Any many more have post-halving expectations. Fine. ‘Hopes.’


Bitcoin high life.


And here’s why.

Never underestimate #bitcoin pic.twitter.com/o2qj98U9fD

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) May 14, 2020


Happy Halving!


Until next one!

What shall we do now? from r/Bitcoin

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