Mainnet, Testnets, Targets, Multiple Clients and 20 Crypto Jokes

Another crypto week is behind us, so let’s take a quick look at what happened. Bitcoin soared to pre-crash levels, Cardano announced their new "mainnet wallet", Hive saw a major pump and a smaller dump on listing news, Telegram’s Gram token launch was postponed indefinitely, Plan B published the updated BTC S2F model with USD 288K as the new target, and BTC’s usage in Argentina may not be connected with a desire to buy fiats like the USD. Meanwhile, multi-client testnet for ETH 2.0 is now live, a new ETH 2 staking calculator is out, and a research found that Ethereum has more whales, but that some of them engaged in market manipulation. Various experts claimed that blockchain is a solution for supply chain issues exposed by the pandemic, while bitFlyer Europe found that Italians believe the most and Brits the least that crypto will be alive in 2030.

Surprisingly, ECB Board Member said market-led currencies can live alongisde digital euro, Russia revealed plans that could drive Russians a step closer to cryptocurrencies, and after raiding exchanges, South Korean identified at least 40 people in the ongoing Telegram Nth Room investigations. While Chinese media outlets rushed to distance the digital yuan from Bitcoin, and Starbucks denied involvement in digital yuan tests, operators said that a Chinese blockchain-powered copyright platform is a success, and a Chinese municipality made a move that could help local miners after Bitcoin halving. Meanwhile, Zilliqa is starting its work on a modular network in 2020, the coronavirus-related lockdown might help the NFT market, and Bitcoin-themed manga series made its debut in Japan.

And now, let’s enjoy some weekend crypto jokes.

Some may say it’s flash fiction, but we know it’s very real.

Wake up, sun is shining, beautiful day, wind playing in the trees, birds singing.
Phone rings: "Hey buddy, have you checked the price?"
Reality sets in, you're in an underwater short, the world turns upside down.
Worried you open up TradingView on your phone.


— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) April 29, 2020


The F-word is versatile.


Adoption really is near.

I remember when bringing up bitcoin to strangers made me seem like a huge nerd.

Now they just think I'm broke.

— The Crypto Dog? (@TheCryptoDog) April 29, 2020


Earlier this week.

BTC trying to breach $7.8k

— The Crypto Monk ⛩ (@thecryptomonk) April 29, 2020


I’ll gladly take this…


…if it’s followed by this.


No way! It’s simply not logical.

— WorldOfRusty⚡ (@WorldofRusty) April 29, 2020


I’m so cute. Look at me being all soft and fluffy. There’re no scolding me!


Bear-whales are not real, they said. Where’s your photographic evidence, they said.

— Peter Van Valkenbrrrgh (@valkenburgh) April 28, 2020


It’s appreciation! You get it? You g— I’ll see myself out.

One last ride

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) April 23, 2020


I really want to make a CryptoKitties pun, but I don’t have a basis for it. I’ll get my revenge for this, Justin!

Justin the King

— Justinas (@ibnzUK) April 27, 2020


Nobody unintentionally ruins my jokes, Justin!

— I am Nomad (@IamNomad) April 25, 2020


Bitcoin is to a banker, as garlic is to a vampire, as kryptonite is to Superman, as Justin is to Hive… .


Certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing.

When altcoins enter their 27th month of a bear

— moon (@MoonOverlord) April 24, 2020


In these difficult times, don’t forget to communicate with people.


CT having fun.

— lowstrife (@lowstrife) April 23, 2020


So…energy! ? What…animated! ? Very…spontaneity! ?

Well done #Bitcoin.

— Wayne Vaughan (@WayneVaughan) April 29, 2020


It’s in the family.

— Voluntary Gentleman (@VoluntaryGentl1)


Chasing the dip.

Hopium from r/Bitcoin


Speaking of dips… Here’s your weekend movie. It’s full of twists!


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