Barstool Sports Boss Baits Bitcoiners In Front of 1.7m Followers

Another day, another would-be bitcoin (BTC) troll (or a new investor): A Twitter storm is brewing online after Dave Portnoy, the man behind the popular Barstool Sports pop culture blog, decided to take a tongue-in-cheek swipe at the crypto community – following on from a similar tirade from Harry Potter author JK Rowling in May this year.

Portnoy has been regaling his 1.7 million Twitter followers and 750,000 Facebook fans with short videos entitled “Davey Day Trader Global (DDTG).” These mainly consist of joke-laden, irony-heavy rants about crypto, bitcoin and some of the scene’s most prominent players, including Gemini exchange co-founders the Winklevoss twins.

He compared BTC investment to playing Pokémon GO, and asked if he could “mine it with a green hammer.”

In one video, Portnoy claimed that he had “spent USD 20k on bitcoin back in the original bitcoin age,” but confessed that he “doesn’t know where it is now.”

I’m officially inviting the Winklevi twins to my office to explain bitcoin to me. Have to wear the rowing outfits t…

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente)

He quipped,

“There are probably little teenage boys running about with my bitcoin right now.”

He called the Winklevoss brothers “rowing robots,” and asked them to come to his office in their “little f**ing row outfits” to explain BTC to him.

The twins decided to rise to the challenge, replying to Portnoy’s jibe “Let’s do it. Let buy all the bitcoins” with a tweet that read, “Invitation accepted.”

This earned a few raised eyebrows online.

True to form, Twitter has erupted with feverish crypto activity. Everyone from scammers to hardcore crypto evangelists have turned up with responses, hawking every sort of coin and exchange platform you care to name – and many you probably wouldn’t.

Portnoy is clearly enjoying himself, returning to Twitter for more crypto community-baiting efforts like this:

And here is my first lesson for the bitcoiners. Who invented supercomputers? The human brain. Who has the bigg…

— Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente)

Some Twitter users decided to look on the light side.

Oh shit portnoy buying bitcoin it’s happening you guys this isn’t a drill

— ฿ully (@BullyEsq)

Others opined that the Barstool Sports chief might one day change his (mocking) tune.

Give this fucker a taste of 10% overnight returns and next thing you know he’s jumping into shitcoins and bringing…

— Larry Cermak (@lawmaster)

Some decided to put a philosophical slant on Portnoy’s posts.

unironically making bitcoin ‘analog’ is important. cascacius coins and opendime are a good start. but displaying bi…

— nic carter (@nic__carter)

And, of course, there were a few (joking?) conspiracy theorists on hand.

It’s obvious. #DDTG @stoolpresidente started loading up on #Bitcoin in March and is now sitting on 6.15 BTC.

— Cory • Intransigent Minority ?₿ ?? (@coryklippsten)

Others still argued that Portnoy’s rants (inadvertently) contained a few valuable lessons.

This is how to teach normies about “not your keys, not your bitcoin” seizure-resistance.

— Pierre Rochard (@pierre_rochard)

But in many cases, crypto tweeters were just plain unimpressed.

Bitcoiners fawning over @stoolpresidente is some weak shit.

— John Vallis (@johnkvallis)


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