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Mining in Russia: power engineers called for higher tariffs

Mining in Russia

Mining in Russia: power engineers proposed to introduce higher tariffs for volumes “in excess of reasonable for household consumption,” writes Kommersant. In their opinion, low tariffs for the population benefit from crypto-farms in residential buildings. Industry experts link the growth…

Ray Dalio called bitcoin “gold for the young”

Ray Dalio

The first cryptocurrency actually acts as an alternative to gold for the younger generation. The blockchain revolution is inevitable, but some governments may outlaw it, billionaire Ray Dalio said. Ray Dalio compared Bitcoin to gold In an interview with MarketWatch,…

Tether (USDT) accused of “illegal and deceptive” practices


Investors have filed a class action lawsuit against stabelcoin issuer Tether (USDT). They accused the company of “immoral, unethical, discriminatory and unfair” practices. Plaintiffs Matthew Anderson and Shawn Dolifka challenged Tether’s claims that USDT is fully asset-backed. According to them,…