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Hidden mining. Cryptocurrency fraud

How does hidden mining work? Hidden mining often reminds of itself. Scammers often prey on the owners of crypto wallets. They popularize false programs hidden under the guise of legitimate applications. Hidden mining is gaining momentum. Judging by the statements…

Willie Wu and Clem Chambers differed in their forecasts

Miners continue to buy bitcoins

Fresh data from Glassnode shows a strong trend among bitcoin miners to have more digital assets as a result of their operations than their mining volume. Moreover, the decrease in bitcoin price that happened on May 1 9 caused miners…

Blockcap doubles bitcoin mining capacity

Blockcap doubles bitcoin mining capacity

Blockcap from the United States decided to double its bitcoin mining capacity. To this end, it is purchasing 10,000 Bitmain-class AntMiner S19 miners. Blockcap was created last year by former top managers of mining operator Core Scientific. Its current fleet…