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Cryptocurrencies has been labelled as potentially harmful

Cryptocurrency has been labeled dangerous

Cryptocurrencies may destabilise countries Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has stated that cryptocurrencies have the potential to destabilise countries. Cryptocurrency has the potential to undermine global monetary markets and governments. At a Bloomberg New Economy symposium, former US…

ADA Cardano: the coin may be worth $15-20

ADA (Cardano)

ADA Cardano, a cryptocurrency with a market valuation of $68 billion, conceded defeat to Solana (SOL) and was forced to drop to fifth place among the top cryptocurrencies. Solana’s latest surge has increased its market value to $72.8 billion, effectively…

Cryptocurrency: Zanzibar intends to use Bitcoin

Zanzibar to adopt cryptocurrency

Zanzibar to use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Zanzibar’s government plans to have talks with stakeholders such as banks and ministries to discuss cryptocurrency laws. Tanzania’s Minister of State, Mudrick Soraga, confirmed the plans to Tanzanian news outlet The Citizen on Wednesday…

Cardano cryptocurrency is up 10%

cardano cryptocurrency

Cardano cryptocurrency was trading at $2.2437 at 10:45 a.m. (07:45 GMT) on the exchange on Tuesday, a change of 10.04% during the day. It was the sharpest daily rise in the cryptocurrency since September 22. Such growth pushed Cardano’s market…

Litecoin cryptocurrency is up 10%

litcoin increased by 10%

Litecoin cryptocurrency was trading at $220 on Monday The cryptocurrency Litetcoin was trading at $220,400 at 6:39 p.m. (3:39 p.m. GMT) on the Investing.com Index exchange Monday, a change of 10.31% during the day. It was the sharpest daily rise…