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Arsen Islamov

Cryptocurrency: how to buy it safely?


There are different options. You can use the services of online exchangers, which act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. You start a virtual cryptocurrency wallet, register in the exchanger, conduct the transaction, and then the cryptocurrency…

When XRP starts to rise?

When XRP starts to rise?

XRP/USD is declining this week, continuing the correction momentum from November 11, when XRP hit a new high in September, testing $1.35 resistance. Since then, the initiative has gone to the sellers, who managed to return quotes to the area…

El Salvador will issue $1 billion in bitcoin bonds

El Salvador’s government has agreed to place $1 billion in bitcoin bonds on the Liquid Network alongside Blockstream and iFinex (the parent firm of Bitfinex and Tether). Geothermal volcanic energy infrastructure for cryptocurrency mining Half of the revenues from the…