Bitcoin rate may change dramatically in 2022

Bitcoin rate

Bitcoin rate may rise from 47.7 thousand to almost 200 thousand dollars in 2022. Such predictions were voiced by some leading cryptocurrency analysts.

This is reported by Promptnews. Reaching a new high in 2021, bitcoin is recovering from its worst month since May. Brock Pierce, and Tom Lee, co-founders of Fundstrat Global Advisors, believe bitcoin will hit the $200,000 mark in 2022.

“People like to speculate by claiming they have the answers, but the reality is the bitcoin market is unstable,” Pierce said. Bitcoin, he said, is a savings vehicle, not a defense against inflation like gold and real estate.

According to expert’s prediction, Bitcoin rate may exceed $200,000 in 2022

However, it has a more interesting return profile than the aforementioned assets. “I would not be surprised if bitcoin rate exceeds $100,000. It is quite possible that for a moment it will exceed $200,000,” the expert added.

He predicts that the best cryptocurrency may briefly reach the aforementioned price point before rolling back down. The dynamics of bitcoin prices in 2022 depends on “external factors” indicating the mass printing of money in the world.

Bitcoin should be seen as a risky investment in “digital gold,” which could either allow for capital appreciation or lead to a loss of the money spent.

As previously reported in the media, China imposed a ban on all cryptocurrency transactions, making all transactions involving cryptoassets illegal. This led to a significant decline in the rates of a number of cryptocurrencies.

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