The police of Abkhazia during the raids turned off almost 7000 ASIC miners

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia last week conducted several raids on mining farms, as a result of which it turned off 7000 ASIC miners.

The police of Abkhazia during the raids turned off almost 7000 ASIC miners

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia Dmitry Dbar emphasized the need to stop illegal mining. As a result, in just a week, law enforcement agencies conducted raids on 19 mining farms that include 7000 ASIC miners. Energy sources were turned off and sealed.

Usually, farms are located in remote areas and private sectors, often in abandoned houses and premises. Sometimes entrepreneurs bring a mobile trailer with equipment and illegally connect to the electric network. Larger facilities are located in abandoned industrial buildings.

“Some of the entrepreneurial owners of mining farms equipped them with autonomous transformers, but there are also those who connected directly to public power networks. All these facilities were disconnected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in some cases cutting off the carrying cables from the power system. When disabling existing installations, as well as objects that previously carry out cryptocurrency mining activities, relevant acts are drawn up, and further control is carried out, “the agency’s website reports.

The Parliament of Abkhazia banned cryptocurrency mining until June 1, 2021. Such a long ban is due to the fact that in February 2021 it is planned to stop the Ingur hydroelectric station for repair and modernization.

On December 12, the Chinese e-commerce portal took part in testing the state digital currency. As part of the testing, 20,000 operations with the digital renminbi were performed.

According to analysts, the 80% of buyers who used the digital yuan are young people born in the 80s and 90s. At the same time, some of them made quite large purchases, for example, the amount of one of the transactions was $1 527.

Simultaneously with the portal, operations with the digital yuan were tested in the city of Suzhou, where the Double 12 trade festival was held. Participants were given state cryptocurrency for a total of $3 million. It was also reported that Chinese companies DiDI, Meituan and Bilibili will take part in the testing.

“In 2021, China will continue to look for new scenarios for testing the digital renminbi, but a large-scale launch is unlikely in the near future. We have no rivals in this matter, so there is no need to rush, “said Cao Yin, managing director of the Digital Renaissance Foundation in Shanghai.

Note that the Chinese government has already carried out several projects to test the digital renminbi. In total, more than 4 million transactions worth more than $300 million were made with the digital Chinese currency.

Earlier the CEO of Cypherium Skye Sky Guo expressed opinion that the People’s Bank of China won’t be able to monitor all transactions with digital yuan in view of technical restrictions.

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