btt coin news, analysis, token descriptions

btt coin news, analysis, token descriptions

Btt coin news. The BitTorrent (BTT) coin is based on the TRON standard TRC-10 platform. Its owner is also the founder of the TRON network Justin Sun. I think already from the name can be assumed that the idea of this cryptovalyut connected with torrent systems and the file exchangers themselves. BTT coin will be both payment and entertainment on torrent trackers. The essence of this idea is to accelerate uploading and downloading of files on file exchange platforms with the help of blockchain technology. BitTorrent has a reward system that is very simple and encourages users to stay in the project and participate in the stable work of the resource. This system includes such moments as: receiving rewards in the form of BTT coins for high-quality, interesting and useful content you download, as well as for how many users have downloaded it, and in order to prevent the reduction of seat growth, each of them will also be rewarded with BTT coins for storing torrent files on their personal computer.

The principle and essence of all this work is that users who download the files they need will reward those who download these files (content). As a result, the work of the network will increase, which will have a direct impact on the work of the entire ecosystem.

Get paid for what we’ve always done for free, and have a positive impact on Torrenta itself and participate directly in it! Isn’t it great?
You will be able to spend your earned cryptocurrency to buy the licensed content, so the problem with “infected” and buggy files will go away more and more. It will also be possible to conduct online streaming or encourage streamers, place ads, participate in crowdfunding and much more for BTT coin news.

Of course, we wrote about the beautiful moments of the idea of BitTorrent and this list can be continued, but let’s not forget that there is also a “back side of the medal” . Let’s talk about the drawbacks: First of all, let’s start with the fact that the company has left 40% of BTT tokens, which is fraught with manipulations of the coin’s course.

Some write about such psychological factors as numerous layoffs and resignations of employees since the purchase of BitTorrent by Tron, as well as strange and aggressive advertising activities related to the involvement of celebrities not even indirectly related to the cryptographic currency and Blockchain technology.

There are various rumors in the Internet that the Tron Foundation does not have the technical capacity to realize its ideas about BitTorrent. Personally, we highly doubt this, but we do not rule out the fact that this idea of such a large scale will require a blockchain with the capacity of hundreds of transactions per second, which the developers have not yet been able to achieve, but no one says they can not.

In conclusion, we want to say that the idea is great, relevant and necessary, you just need to integrate it properly and maintain it with high quality. Behind the project stands an impressive Tron Foundtation team and a multimillion budget. Prospects and opportunities here are really enormous. You can invest in the project and store BTT token, but without any extra fanaticism.

Let’s wait for the integration of BitTorrent token into the uTorrent system, and then we will see what the future holds for the company. After all, its long-term goal is to overcome the current limits in the resources of computational power, which will produce the most complex computational tasks.

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