Crypto Gaming United (CGU) becomes the largest NFT’s play-to-earn guild

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) signed up 100,000 community members via its Discord channel, making it the largest play-to-earn guild in just 12 weeks since its launch. These members are primarily based in developing countries, where play-to-earn offers an empowering alternative to social ills such as unemployment and lack of opportunity.

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) becomes the largest NFT's play-to-earn guild

CGU, an industry leading Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gaming company enabling the play-to-earn business model in the metaverse, is enjoying explosive player growth in more than 30 countries following its successful Initial Dex Offering (IDO) that sold out in a record 6 seconds.

A key barrier to entry for players to start working and earning in the metaverse is the need to invest money in NFTs. By joining CGU, members gain Crypto Gaming United CGU as their microfinancing partner that makes the initial NFT investment to give qualified players access to new income streams in exchange for a portion of their earnings. Furthermore, CGU is differentiated in the play-to-earn space since its tech ecosystem uniquely includes a crypto exchange (TimeX) and a crypto labor portal (LaborX) that together enable custom player financing capabilities and player monitoring systems.

Members join the CGU community for starting capital, education, and mentoring, which is similar to entrepreneurs needing seed investment and guidance to launch a new business. After obtaining “scholarships” from CGU to play-to-earn and learn, new players are upskilled by experienced players to achieve their top earning potentials. There are already over 5,400 active scholars in the CGU community now, with this number growing daily.

While CGU is now a cultural phenomenon in the Philippines and Russia with thousands of players earning US$150 to US$750 per month, players are also joining the platform from countries all around the world, including Cuba, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, and African nations.

“CGU offers a living wage to people who need it the most in the countries where jobs are scarce, access to loans is difficult, and opportunities to learn new skills are lacking,” said Sergei Sergienko, a leading blockchain expert and CGU co-founder.

“By playing-to-earn and learn, our scholars are gaining critical new skills that will shortly be in huge demand by employers setting up shop in the metaverse,” he added.

To get started with their play-to-earn career, members join the CGU community, with CGU having to purchase about US$1,000 worth of NFT assets per player. This upfront investment and CGU’s valuable tech platforms allow players to generate income from games like Axie Infinity, earn in-game NFTs, and invest cryptocurrency or cash it out into their local fiat.

To support its thousands of players, CGU recently raised a total of US$17.5 million in three investment rounds, the last one being the actual IDO of the CGU token on the TimeX exchange. The IDO was hugely successful and sold out in a record 6 seconds. In total, CGU has 1 billion tokens, of which the majority (58%) is reserved for the CGU community and treasury.

The surge of new members joining Crypto Gaming United CGU has pushed the token price past US$2 – valuing CGU’s fully diluted market cap over US$2 billion. The CGU token, built on Binance Smart Chain, can currently be purchased on TimeX, Pancakeswap, and Olive.Cash exchanges with more exchange listings to come soon., also part of CGU’s tech ecosystem, can be used to covert CGU token from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum.

Investors in the CGU token benefit from its appreciation as revenue from CGU players, members in the  Crypto Gaming United CGU global community, and the value of CGU’s NFT assets continue to increase. In this way, buying CGU token can be considered a diversified investment into the metaverse and the workforce of the future.

“We believe that Crypto Gaming UnitedCGU is the lifeline for soon-to-be hundreds of thousands, and ultimately millions, of play-to-earn professionals, who will use these initial jobs to launch their careers in the metaverse,” said Mark Carnegie, founding partner of M.H. Carnegie & Co., entrepreneur, esteemed investor and venture capitalist, and CGU’s largest supporter.

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