Gender issue: women traders are squeezing men in the crypto market

Financial crisis caused by coronavirus epidemic motivates women to change their field of activity and go to professional trading and become women traders.

women traders

Stocks and cryptocurrencies: where do Russian women traders earn?

Kommersant’s latest research shows that the stock market is gradually rejuvenating and women have been coming to it more often. It is likely that the reason for this is the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, as well as the introduction of a lockdown.

Vladimir Potapov, chief executive director of VTB Capital Investments, claims that the investment market is becoming more accessible for young users, who previously could not get on the stock trading platforms. The share of VTB Capital Investments’ clients under the age of 25 in 2020 increased from 6% to 7%, and 25-35 years old from 20% to 24%.

“At Tinkoff Investments, the number of female investors doubled over the year – their share is 31%, while in 2019 it reached only 14%. At Sberbank, the share of women investors in 2020 increased to 48%, while a year earlier it was 30%,” the newspaper writes.

Other brokers are not so optimistic and say that they have not noticed a sharp increase in the number of users among women. Galina Karyakina, the chief operating officer of Freedom Finance, said that the number of female investors increased by 10%.

Igor Pimonov, head of online brokerage at BCS World Investments, said that historically there have always been more men (they account for about 65% of accounts), but he admitted that recently the share of women has started to increase. Dmitry Lesnov, Head of Client Services Development Department at Finam, said that the gender ratio in the company remains stable and is explained by the different levels of economic activity (about 69% of clients are men).

At the same time, studies prove that female traders earn more than their male counterparts. According to statistics, women are more successful in trading gold (85% of successful trades), oil (82% of successful trades) and bitcoin (76% of successful trades). For men, the profitability rates for these asset classes were 83%, 79% and 71%, respectively.

The number of female crypto-traders is growing

It is also worth noting that women are gradually pushing men out of the cryptocurrency market. They are making more profitable deals and making more profits from trading.

“In general, women have shown better results compared to men: on average, the number of profitable transactions of the fair sex is 79% against 77% for men,” the report says.

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