Atlas Power: U.S. Miner Launches Large-scale Green Energy Project

Atlas Power initiative has received the support of state authorities.

Atlas Power, a bitcoin mining company in the U.S. state of Montana, has announced that it is starting a project to build energy production facilities from the sun. The total energy output will be 300 mW, and the equipment will be located on 1,600 acres of land. Geographically, the land in question is located in the town of Butte, Montana.

A division of Atlas Power, Madison River Equity, is currently in the process of obtaining a land use permit for the green energy project. State officials have already shown a positive response to it.

In particular, Secretary of State Kristi Jacobsen visited Atlas Power’s manufacturing facilities, and during that visit, she discussed the new endeavor with company management in a positive manner. She noted that the organization intends to provide electricity (about 700,000 solar panels) not only for its data center, but also for consumers who live near the planned location.

Jacobsen expressed her gratitude to Atlas Power for such a project. Indeed, the energy produced could supply all the homes in Butte (about 15,000 in total) with green energy. It also opens up the possibility to provide other consumers with “green electricity,” which is enough to supply another 25 thousand homes.

Что такое «зеленая» энергия? / Альтернативная энергетика

The scale of the project can be understood from the following figures: in Montana, the total capacity of equipment, aimed at obtaining energy from the sun, is 116 mW, so the launch of new solar panels in 2.58 times increases this figure.

This news appeared against the background of the ongoing discussion on the topic of the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the environment, which was caused by a recent statement of the famous entrepreneur Ilon Musk on this subject.

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