Hidden mining. Cryptocurrency fraud

Hidden mining

How does hidden mining work?

Hidden mining often reminds of itself. Scammers often prey on the owners of crypto wallets. They popularize false programs hidden under the guise of legitimate applications.

Hidden mining is gaining momentum. Judging by the statements of experts, this is due to the average anonymity of this currency. With the help of mining, new coins are created. It requires strong enough power to compute. For this reason, mining is quite an expensive process. For this, graphics processors are more often used. And they can also use ASIC equipment. The purchasability of graphic processors has increased. This happened because of the massive desire to earn on cryptocurrency. The result was a significant increase in prices. This turn of events aroused the interest of many scammers. And hidden mining has become even more widespread.

Cryptojacking has also become quite popular. This is an illegal use of computing resources. This does not apply to new methods. However, at the moment, all users are at risk. These include even those who do not have the equipment.

Hidden mining methods

There are enough hidden mining methods. One of them is sending the victim dangerous links to download updates. In addition, scammers can offer an exchange. Part of the computing processors for coins.

How to protect yourself from cryptocurrency theft

Scammers often hunt for wallets. After all, it is there that the cryptocurrency is stored. It is better to use physical wallets. Since they work offline. And correspondingly safer. Online wallets are connected to a server or the Internet. There is a high probability of downloading malicious software. For stealing coins or keys.

In order to avoid hidden mining. All people involved in cryptocurrency need to know the rules. Which will help secure your income.

In order to avoid hidden mining. All people involved in cryptocurrency need to know the rules. Which will help secure your income.

Constantly or frequently updating the device

Always be aware of the availability of the application. Before downloading the wallet, visit the official website.

Enable additional wallet protection.

When entering the wallet address, do not use copy and paste.

Find out if the application provider will give you insurance.

After downloading the wallet, check the reviews.

Scammers are in fact very close to the moment of the collapse of cryptocurrencies.

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