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Asya Kolosova

Technical analysis in trading

Technical analysis in trading | INFbusiness

Thanks to technical analysis, it is possible to predict the market. There are two types of technical analysis. Professional is a type of analysis that only experts know. The basic one is the one that ordinary users need. What is…

Scalping: risks and principle of operation

Scalping: risks and principle of operation | INFbusiness

What is scalping ? Scalping is short-term or intraday trading. Conducts short-term transactions and withdraws relatively small finances. Which in their entirety create the desired percentage of profitability. In other words, this is a set of strategies that are designed…

Cryptocurrency inflation

Cryptocurrency inflation | INFbusiness

Inflation certainly affects cryptocurrency trading. Regardless of the type of economic system, want to see a stable picture. And ideally – dynamics tuned for improvement. But world practice dictates its own conditions. The last decades have become a vivid example…