Prosegur launched a division for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

Prosegur launched a division for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

The Spanish company Prosegur, which deals with all types of security services, announced the launch of the custodial division of Prosegur Crypto, focused on institutional customers.cryptocurrency assets. According to Prosegur representatives, the new service covers all the needs of institutional investors for the storage and management of cryptocurrency assets. When developing Prosegur C r y p t o, special attention was paid to the security of the solution. Customers can manage assets using a mobile application.
The c o m p a n y ‘s press release emphasizes that client private keys are stored in the Prosegur infrastructure without access to the Internet. The digital assets themselves are protected by “military cryptography” and an additional logical level of protection. This, according to the developers, makes Prosegur Crypto the most secure and integral solution in the market and distinguishes among other custodial services.

“Our platform meets the real and pressing needs of our customers. Now we offer a comprehensive and reliable locating solution, with the level of protection required by c o r p o r a t I o n s and other large institutions. Few custodial services provide an adequate level of protection. We are going to take a leading position in the market as the safest and most reliable partner for I n s t I t u t I o n a l investors, “said Raimundo Castillo, CEO of Prosegur Crypto.

With the solution, customers will be able to transact with digital assets, while keeping them in place without direct access to the Internet. This allows you to fully p r o t e c t yourself from various types of cyber attacks.

Recall that, as reported in August, the large South Korean bank KB Kookmin Bank is preparing to launch its own custodial division to store cryptocurrencies.

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