Professional HTML/CSS Layouts Coding

The modern team of web technologists consists of professionals who tend to use the most creative approaches for solving each of the existing and sometimes routine problems. Glivera Team are always open to new technologies for frontend services and non-standard solutions.

Professional HTML/CSS Layouts Coding
Professional HTML/CSS Layouts Coding

Things we care about and have experience with


We do care about how easy we can scale our code and use all modern technologies and practices to achieve maximum scalability

Responsive Web Design

We adapt our pages to look good on all screen resolutions


We have experience with fast-loading AMP-pages, which Google ranks higher in their search and give other advantages on Google Search


Our layouts are SEO-friendly and include key points for search rankings

We have experience working with to improve page recognition by search robots

We can do initial SEO-optimization for the website

Coding time

We automatize everything we can in our working process

We’ve already finished 120+ projects and have our “starter kit” for easy project start

We use tools that help us to structuralize and organize our work to save the actual coding time

Cross-browser and cross-platform support 

We always take into account cross-platform and cross-browser rendering of the page

We support all main browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox)

Page-optimization and page-speed

We look at the result from the perspective of productivity and speed

We’re always searching for the ways of achieving maximum loading speed, optimizing all the assets: images, scripts, and code

Technologies that we use

We’ve already finished 120+ projects and we have our “starter kit” for easy project start. Our working process is maximum automized. We have a lot of our own deliverables that help us to save time on routine operations.

In daily life, depending on the tasks, we use such technologies:

  • HTML5, Jade, Slim, HAML
  • JS, Angular, TypeScript, AJAX, JSON
  • Git, Bootstrap, Webpack

As a default web service, we use Github. Also, we work with Bitbucket and GitLab.

Types of templates

Our web technologists team often develop Responsive templates and it became the default development for us. However, we can implement other kinds of templates (Static, Liquid or Adaptive).

Our web technologists were successfully trained and that is why we provide an independent composition of the responsive version of the site, based on the model of a fixed design. Due to that, you can save up to 50% of designers time.

We collaborate with different TOP companies from the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and other countries. Our frontend project portfolio includes 1000+ success stories, including projects for The Walt Disney Company, National Geographic, UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNESCO, NASA also.

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